Community, volutary possibilities

Our foundtaion is a voluntary host organization because of the act on voluntary activities in the public interest. For that reason we implement our projects with envolving volunteers in the process.

Volunteering is na activity that is done by individuals or by groups, regularly or sometimes, at home or abroad for the common good and from the own will of the person without any financial consideration. Voluntary activities do not come with immediate financial gain, furthermore the volunteer does not replace the paid labour. The volunteer at first helps their own family, their work appears as added value in the life of the employing organization. The activity can be implemented by a nonprofit, civil organization or by public institution, in rarer occasions for-profit organizations(company, corporation). An upside is that it helps social inclsion, contributes to reduce poverty and exclusion  and full employment. Volunteering helps making our environment and community better. 

Our foundation envolves about 50 volunteers each year. In case you would like to help our foundation in organizing different programs, camps or events or would like to help in organizing craetive process, find us through on our contacts!

Activities that can be done any time

In our central office: 

Administrative jobs in our central office (documenting, archiving, making of testimonials, editing our webpage, photocopying, scanning, inventory)

Promoting events, creating and distributing posters and flyers

Promoting art therapist training

Organizing camps, classtrips

Digital welfare point and talent point tasks

Monitoring online interfaces(Facebook, webpage, etc.)

Our sites(Lillafüred, Tokaj, Mánd)


Distributing flyers, promoting

Administrative tasks, keeping in touch with the center

Seasonal work (Leaf sweeping, winterisation)


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