Our job

Organizing talent workshops, camps, talent days in the area of arts, keeping up tradition and digital art. We partake in creating the talent helping council.

The goal of the talent points

Our foundation is a publically benofficial social activity, which since 2003 operates by educating, sharpening skills, organising cultural activites as well as keeping up traditions. We find staying in contatct with hungarian national and ethnic minorities alongside hungarians over the country border important. Furthermore, we also find it important to train and occupy the disadvantaged in the labour market.
We pay particular attention to talent management by incorporating the ones who provide national coverage to the target groups mentioned above.
As a member of the Hungarian Tehetségesítő Szervehetek Szövetsége we have four registrated Tehetség pointwhere we do our talentmanagement activity.
Since the Art Misszió Alapítvány  was founded our goal was to help the talented but disadvantaged and the comulatively disadvantaged. In the previous years we have published applications for the talented children in need. Their creations were exhibited in our galleries. We have done our part in the art therapist vocational training(fine arts, music, dance, audiovisual) accredited from the education. After this our students succesfully find jobs at hospitals and rehabilitation institutions. Our goal is to organize the free time of the disadvantaged and the disabled talents. This helps to develop the talents at the Hegyalja resort, Lillfüred creative house and Jándi rehabilitational and educational center, where they get to know the famous landmarks and culture of Tokaj, Miskolc and Jánd run by the fundation.

Experties, activity and success in helping the talented children

In 2004 our foundation was the first in Hungary to present the creations of the 19th century famous Hungarian creators the were over the border. This was presented during half a year in the form of a travelling exhibition, which was made withing the borders of the „Örökségünkkel Európa” project. Our Jándi Rehabilitational skill developer and Educational center is operated since 2012. This is an accredited training institution where we have art therapist  vocational training for the rehabilitation and skill development of the disabled and for the traingin of their staff.
In 2014-2015 we welcomed the children of Tiszadob as guests in our camp, where during talent days tabletop games were the main attraction. Artist, talents and mentors introduced themselves in our art gallery at the international exhibition. In 2016 we provided an opportunity to introduce yourself in order to embrace talented people in our gallery with the collaboration of the Kölcsey Television. The project appeared in the Kölcsey TVQ’s programme titled Víg-Kend. Further more our gallery with its current exhibition has appeared in the news of Kelet-Magyarország as well as in the Mustár Radio. We take part in the job, the training of the National Talent helping Council. We organize Csibésztúra workshop conversations  in collaboration with MATEHETSZ. We organize talent days (Rome talent day, Kiwi kindergarten talent day, Talent day of the primary schools of Nyíregyháza).

Our previous experiences with collaborations and plans for the future

We are present both on a national and international range(Croatia Rijeka, Lovran, Germany). We work together with neighbouring schools(who often take part in our talent management summer camps.) hospitals(who gladly accept the students who come to practice art theory), we employ over a hundred vonunteer each year. We are connected to job centers of Nyíregyháza, Miskolc, Vásárosnamény and Tokaj. We got involved with the EFOP, GINOP, IGR programs. We work together with the Hungarian talent points as well as over the border talent points in order to be successful. Since our foundation places a great emphasis on helping the youth and handicapped who live over the country borders, we are planning to set up connection with the Slovak talent points as well. 

The summary of the information about the European talent point

We are registrated talent points of the Hungarian talent helping Organization Association with the following locations

Art Misszió Alapítvány Talent point of Nyíregyháza

Art Misszió Alapítvány
Talent point of Rétköz

Art Misszió Alapítvány
Talent point of Tokaj Hegyalja

Art Misszió Alapítvány
Talent point of the Gallery of Tokaj and Fine Arts Saloon 

Since the foundation of our organisation we deal with talent management, helping and embracing the handicapped and talented children. We have been operation with success for years in Szabolcs. Previously our primary areas we have been active in were Fine arts, arts and craft and traditionalist areas.

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