Our foundation is a publically benofficial social activity, which operates since 2003 by educating, sharpening skills, organising cultural activites and rehabilitational activites as well as keeping up traditions. We find staying in contatct with hungarian national and ethnic minorities alongside hungarians over the country border important. Furthermore, we also find it important to train and occupy the disadvantaged in the labour market.

Expand your compitances and get to know the colorful and useful tools of art therapy


Christmas of genrations

A selection of cake made for the Art Misszió Alapítvány’s “Generációk karácsonya” application was transmitted in 2021.December.17th at 10 o’clock. The Foundation will make the presentation in the framework of the tender of the City of Nyíregyháza for the Self-organizing Communities communities. The pastries were recieved by one of the classes of Bárczi Gusztáv primary school. The fact that the whole class was forced into quarantaine has played a huge role in the selection of the class. The foundation wanted to contribute to their recovery by providing some traditional delicacies.

School Community Service Exchange

The School Community Service Exchange was held at 2021.December.07. Due to the virus situation the previous location was unavaible. This time the Közösségi FACE-k Ifjúsági Iroda és Közösségi Tér(4400 Nyíregyháza, Bocskai utca 25) provided the loaction for the event. We are happy about the fact that so many classes have visited and were curious about our job. We spread flyers for 15 hours in order to help students spend the 50 hours of community service in a productive way. We were happy to accept the invitation!

Clothing donation

In 2021 October 27th the Art Misszió Alapítvány donated clothing for the Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat Kistérségi Támogató Szolgálat és Napközi Otthon.

(Tokaj, Hegyalja Resort)

We deal with talent management, embracing and helping the disadvantaged, talented children since the founding of our foundation. We have been operating successfully in Szabolcs county for years. Previously, we were mainly active in fine arts and industrial arts and traditionalist areas. As a sign of recognition we became a European talent point in 2018!

Our headquarterand all of our other locations are DJP points as well, where thos who are interested can use our digital devices(laptop, mobile phone, tablet, printer), can deal with cases, can deal with the vaccine registration or can create their own client gateway access with the help of our mentors. By clicking the picture below you can see all of our DJP points and accessibilities:

The headquarters of our foundation

Our headquarters is found in the center of Nyíregyháza, in the Heroes Square. Which is accessible by a 20 minutes walk from the bus and train station. Our headquarte also operates as a community, social, cultural events location, which also deals with community building, development activities, organizing events for all ages. As our other locations, our headquarters is a talent point as well as a DJP point, where we welcome the inquiries. We provide help for using electronical devices or registrationg client gateways, work, vaccine registration. We welcome your application. 
You can spend the 50 hours of community service at our headquarters or at our other locations, we await high school student applications as well!

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We welcome you or students who wish to complete their 50 hour community service at our foundation all year round!

Implementing Awareness-raising and handicap compensational programs involving the local communities.

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