Knowlege of Art Thearapy

Since the beginnings of the foundation it had launched multiple successful trainings withing the frameworks of Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a therapeutic method that uses the creative processes of art(music, dance, fine arts, drama, literature, etc.) and uses them for nonverbal communication. Art therapy tunes the expressive devices of art with therapeutic effect, which the therapist uses in a planned out process. For art therapy there is no need of artistic talent, since both the products used for aesthetics and products not used for aesthetics are equally useful in therapy. Art thearapy devides the emphasis on creativity, free self-expression, safe and confidential environment. 

Areas of usage

  • Unique psychothearpy addition
  • Individual and group use in psychosomatic medicine
  • Tool of selfaware groups
  • Sorrow, dealing with psychological trauma (e.g:creative-expressive art therapy)
  • Relieving severe emotional inhibition(e.g:receptive music, drama therapy)
  • Professional development, coaching (eg: dance, music, roleplaying for designing motivation)

The Art therapist training was completed by almost 120 students. 


Application and further information:

Our previously accreditied art therapist training, which was avaible with multiple specalisation(music, movement-dance, fine arts), will relaunch in 2019 with a new name, updated content but with the same quality.

Teaching art therapy skills to support professionals

Planned launch: 2024
Minimum headcount: 12 fő
Fee of training: – (Still changing)

For further information and application find us at our following contacts!

Phone: (42) 400 782

The stucture of the training

Name of training: Teaching art therapy skills to support professional
Training course: D
Planned training time: 150 hours(70 hours of theroy, 80 hours of practice)

Course Material:

  • Art Therapy theoretical approach
  • General healthcare, first aid skills
  • Health improvement
  • providing first aid
  • Rehabilitation The basics of psychology
  • Basics of psychology
  • Basics of education
  • Disabilities, pedagogical basics, equal opportunities
  • Basics of communication
  • Psychiatry
  • The rehabilitational process of Psychiatry
  • Training of social abilities
  • The role of art therapies and its emotional helping effects
  • Art history

Practise of Art Therapy Employment

    • The process of the Art Therapy activities
    • Occupational Therapies
    • Artistic nature therapies
    • Movement therapy in sociotherapy
    • Selecting corresponding, personalised art therapistic methods, projection to practice

The aim of the training is to expand and develop the competences of people in assistive occupations by providing knowledge and practice in art therapy not related to a specific qualification, which contributes to the more innovative, effective and creative work and personal development of those working in health care, social rehabilitation, child welfare and child protection, and in the rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities.

From our previous trainings

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