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About Us


The main activities of our organisation in the public interest are: education, development of talent, dissemination of information,  protection of cultural faculties and heritage. It is important to us to keep in touch with the Hungarian national and ethnical minority, and Hungarians living abroad, additionally to promote disadvantaged people’s education and employment.

Since the establishment of our foundation we have been dealing with talent support, with the involvement of the above mentioned target audience.  We aim to support talented people, so annually we invite entries for competitions in the field of tradition keeping handicraft, folk art, fine art and industrial art.

 As a member of The National Talent Support Council we accomplish our talent support activity in four talent-points, three within Carpathian Basin:

Art Mission Foundation in Nyíregyháza

Art Mission Foundation in Rétköz

Art Mission Foundation in Tokaj-Hegyalja

Gallery of Tokaj and Fine Art Salon

We have partnerships with civil organisations, art schools and institutions in Transcarpathia, Transylvania, and in Upper Hungary. The Foundation has foreign representation with Germany, Poland and Romania, Croatia, Ukraine

In Nyíregyháza and in Tokaj we have been actuating more galleries, art houses, workshops and exhibition rooms for more than ten years.

Since 2010 October the Tokaj Hegyalja Holiday Resort, Camping and Leisure Centre is also part of our foundation. These give place to summer art camps and weekend programmes. After the restoration and renovation in 2012 we opened our Lilla Villa Rehabilitation Holiday Resort and Art House in Lillafüred. The holiday resort will be the scene of art and handicraft camps and programmes of talent-point in the future, and of course we welcome every guest.

In 2011 with the support of National Development Agency within the New Széchenyi Plan, in relation to Szabolcs -Szatmár-Bereg County, Jándi Rehabilitation Skill Development and Educational Centre was established. In the Educational Centre in 2012 April we started accredited art-therapy training and further education training course. 110 disadvantaged students are instructed in these trainings in 11 free courses.

We operate as a Subregional Civil Supplier and Consultant Centre and within the frame of it we provide free service in tender watch, tender writing, eService, eAdministration, giving assistance in administration, talent support, exhibition and art house services and giving assistance in legal questions for civil organisations. The Consultant Centre was established in 2009 with the support of NCA and after the close of the tender it is still working up today. Since 2010- due to new tenders- the centre’s operational background has been developing continually.

The Foundation was the first which introduced XIX .-XX centuries famous Hungarian creator’s works which had been in abroad before- within the „With Our Heritage to Europe” project in 2004, in the form of a travelling exhibition (Déri Museum in Debrecen, Hermann Ottó Museum in Miskolc, Báthori István Museum in Nyírbátor, Jósa András Museum in Nyíregyháza). Among the artist there wereMihály Munkácsy , Oszkár Glatz , Vilmos Aba-Novák , István Csók ,Antal Berkes , László Mednyánszky  and more other outstanding artists’ works were represented. The whole arrangement of the exhibition was carried out alone, without any outside sources, and offered free admission for visitors. Part of exhibitited pictures was restored and framed by our Fundation

In the year 2009 “ Hungarian Folk Art” Exhibitionsponsored by our Foundation, was arranged in Rijeka and Lovran, Croatia

We have been operating Square Gallery in Nyírfa Square of Nyíregyháza since 2005, which became a peculiar cultural centre of the city. The Square Gallery was mainly established to make cultural life more varied in Nyíregyháza, to present the material of the exhibitions outside the gallery, and to represent the different shape of art, profession of handicraft, cultural information in the most expressive form. Exhibitions, concerts and literary evenings and other different public related performances were being held in the Square Gallery that is why the square became one of the most significant scenes of cultural life. Art Mission International Artistic and Tradition Keeping Organisation in Public Interest of Overriding Importance besides operating the Square Gallery and besides the charity programmes, also provides opportunity to young artists to show themselves. They represent themselves in independent and in collective exhibitions by developing interactive artist-audience relationship. In the future we aim to promote these young talents internationally, so artists, art-companies and art-institutions can implement their ideas and projects, and we ensure their participation in festivals and in other programmes like exhibitions. The aim of the Square Gallery, besides the encouragement of talent support and cultural cooperation, is the enlargement of free time activities of townspeople and the protection of cultural diversity.


2012.02.17.  Talent Cavalcade in Nyír Plaza, introduction of talents
2012.03.07. Introduction in County Hall of Nyíregyháza  
2012.03.07.-2012.03.31  Talent Cavalcade exhibition in Nyír Plaza
2012.03.24.                   National Talent day, Budapest
2012.04.05.-2012.04.17.  Easter Exhibition, Square Gallery in Nyíregyháza
2012.04.25. -     Talentum Talent Support Exhibition, Nyíregyháza, Square Gallery
2012.04.28.  East-Hungarian Talent Development Conference, Tokaj  
2012.05.01. Participation in Civil Picnic in May in Bujtosi City Park
2012.05.15  Participation in Family Picnic in May organized by Association of Heavily Handicapped Children and their Parents in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County


Participation in Nyíregyháza city programme, introduction of talents


Exhibition Association of Authors of Szatmár in Gallery of Tokaj and Fine Art Salon

We offer our cooperation in the above mentioned areas, in participation and organization of county, national and international programmes, in organizing holidays for disadvantaged children, in instruction - education and in other programmes concerning social and communal activities.


Further information available in the following websites: homepage of the foundation homepage of the foundation's international cultural talent support talent-point talent-point talent-point art house


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